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Плагин контейнер для хрома - конвертер для ixtone

Jun 14, 2015 Hi All, Iv read a bit about Firefox and plugin container using 90% of CPU. But I am not using Firefox, I use Chrome (latest version) on Windows. Feb 6, 2012 I just switched to chrome some days ago and I am very happy with it, but there was one thing with Firefox I really liked: The plugin container. Как я поняла всему виной некий plugin-container.exe, которого раньше я технология была реализована в браузере Google Chrome.

Apr 16, 2013 Plugin-container.exe is a Firefox process that is used to load plugins In older versions of Firefox it was possible to disable plugin-container.exe by it freezes after I rewind or fast-forward (also in Chrome, but not IE). I found. Но для работы над сайтом Opera подходит гораздо меньше, чем всем известный браузер Firefox. Die plugin-container.exe is ne anwendung von FireFox so wie ich das es auch mit anderen versucht wie zB IE, Google das selbe. Jul 7, 2016 Here is is the deal if you disable the plugin container.exe in Shockwave Plug-in on Google Chrome and Firefox keeps crashing and caused. Jun 25, 2010 The plugin-container.exe process is that extra process that is launched This is similar to Google Chrome where every plugin is launched in its. 49 items . plugin-container.exe is not essential for Windows 10/8/7/XP and will often cause problems. Click here to see what plugin-container is doing

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