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Плагин deadchat: фильмы онлайн в хорошем качестве шпион в hd качестве

DeadChat 1.3 Unapproved Plugins. appear as their team color and its formatted exactly the same as valve made dead chat msgs appear. A currency system called Karma. Karma is a direct reflection of how good of a player you are at Sabotage. If you manage to perform your role. Dead Name Change, VEN, General Purpose. DeadChat with Admin PA system NE. KiN SuicideDog, Fun Stuff. Deadly Radio 0.1 (for cs_italy), v3x, Fun Stuff.

May 14, 2012 Forlix DeadChat (2009/07) This addon for SourceMod on a CS:S server allows dead players and spectators to chat with the living players. Is this about cs 1.6 or css? I think if you have mani mod installed for css all you do is go in the server.cfg file and chose all talk off or dead talk all. Jun 4, 2014 Oct 07 - Update to AFKManager. Oct 07 - Update to SoScore. Aug 14 - Update to FloodCheck. Aug 14 - Update to DeadChat RSS. Feb 16, 2015 For a decade or more “commenting” has been the gold standard social engagement mechanism. From memes to monkeys — news, gifs, fails. Feb 26, 2015 . Boys, your dead chat up lines just aren't going to work! You need to start showing a little respect if you want to get women

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